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Providing high quality solutions to all types of engineering operations is at the heart of what we do. Metal fabrication, mining, automotive and defense are among the many industries that rely on our products. Whether maintaining machinery, washing components as part of the production process or merely keeping the workplace clean and safe Packza has the right product for the job.

We work closely with customers to identify best practice and the maximum opportunity for cost savings, from introducing simple improvements in the process to the installation of dedicated equipment, always combined with a relentless focus on achieving the very best environmental and safety standards.

Silicon Sealents:

Silicone sealant is a liquid form of adhesive. Typically, it looks, feels, and acts like a gel. It has a different chemical make-up from other organic polymer-based adhesives. Unlike other adhesives, silicone keeps its elasticity and stability in both high and low temperatures. Furthermore, silicone sealant is resistant to other chemicals, moisture, and weathering. This makes it less likely to fail when building and repairing objects.


Speciaity Lubricants:

Lubricant is a substance which is used to control (more often to reduce) friction and wear of the surfaces in a contact of the bodies in relative motion. 




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